Shannon Hudson

Come And Go

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Superglue and Duct Tape hold more things together these days than cement and steel. It’s what you depend on when you’re down and out. It’s something that’s real and something that’s familiar. It’s not polished or pristine. Hell, it ain’t even trying to be. But it’ll get you through the tough times, like a double whiskey on a winter night, or a Come And Go song playing on the jukebox in an old sawdust-on-the-floor dive.

A band comprised of day job holders, heart-on-your-sleeve introspection, and an extra round to take the edge off, Come And Go keeps filling the cracks and mending the seams of life with their brand of Americana Rock that’s seen the bright lights of the big city, and the dark corners of a southern skyline. Throughout the years, brothers Shane and Shannon Hudson have continued to capture the quintessential American picture - the hopes of tomorrow, the reality of today, and the regrets of yesterday - and tied it all together with a straightforward melody that takes you back to a simpler time and place.

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Shannon Hudson - vocals, guitars, piano, organ

Mark Stevenson - drums, bass

Recorded and produced by Shannon Hudson at 

Cascada Studios, Austin, TX, USA.

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Shannon Hudson - vocals, guitars

Shane Hudson - guitars

Justin Smith - bass

Matt Ramsey - drums

Recorded and produced by Shannon Hudson at 

Cascada Studios, Austin, TX, USA.

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2005 LP


Shannon Hudson - vocals, guitars, piano

Shane Hudson - guitars

James Baker - bass

Andy Cruz - drums

Dustin Boyer - guitars

Randy Reeman - organ


Produced by Dustin Boyer and Scott Gordon at 

Sage and Sound Studios, Los Angeles, CA, USA.

Mastered by John Vestman at John Vestman Mastering

Executive Producer - Jon Mark Harmon

Purify Records

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Alex Henderson - All Music Guide

No one can accuse Come & Go's Shinebox of being either too slick or not hooky enough; this country-influenced roots rock band has hooks galore, and the group's songs aren't ultra-slick. Actually, their material is enjoyably organic; drawing on Southern influences that range from the Allman Brothers to the Black Crowes, Come & Go bring a lot of heart to infectious tracks like "Love Saves the World," "California Skies," and "Singing Alone." Although based in Los Angeles, Come & Go leaders Shannon Hudson (lead vocals) and his brother Shane Hudson (guitar) previously lived in Texas and the Midwest -- and that down-home feeling of America's heartland is all over this 2005 release. But the Hudson brothers don't go out of their way to embrace the hell-raisin' good ol' boy stereotypes that have characterized Southern rockers ranging from Molly Hatchet and Lynyrd Skynyrd in the '70s to Alabama Thunder Pussy in the '90s and 2000s -- their approach is a lot of more introspective. Shinebox, which is Come & Go's fifth album and their first for the Irving, TX-based Purify label, isn't groundbreaking, but it's an enjoyable, well-crafted effort that roots rock enthusiasts should be aware of.


Michael Popke -

The pulse of Come and Go is brothers Shane and Shannon Hudson, whose sunshine-y melodies and harmonies, Rolling Stones swagger and straightforward lyrics kept Shinebox blasting in my car and at my desk all summer. 


Jon Sheldon Ivany - JSI Top 21

Come and Go certainly takes the energy of an uptempo strain of rock'n'roll, and they attend the Chaparral school of country. They, alongside bands like Hank Floyd and Idaho Falls, have been the staple of L.A. clubs for the last few years. The blend of country swing, rock energy and a focus on subject matter closer to the concrete heart of most Angelenos packs the house at the Whiskey A Go Go on a Friday night. Come and Go is one of the worthwhile offspring of these conjunctions. Shinebox displays the pop sensibilities of the Hudson Brothers, and surely will take them from KZLA to around the country in no time.

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